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Hello and thank you for visiting our website!


Here at The Bristol Society, we have a passion for this wonderful phenomenon called Magic


Our club nights have everything for all levels from the keen hobbyist to the full time professional so, if you have a genuine interest in our art why not join us?


We are a very friendly, helpful, and approachable group. To find out more please use our contact form


I look forward to welcoming you to

The Bristol Society of Magic

 Steve Burley, President

The Bristol Society of Magic has thrived since 1921, inspiring magicians to improve and learn more about the art of magic. 


Membership is open to anyone with a genuine interest. You will be welcomed into a group of like minded people, including hobbyists, enthusiasts and professional magicians.


The club meets every fortnight

throughout the year.

We have a strong ethos of sharing experience, knowledge and performance to help develop your magic to the next level. 

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The Society meets on the second and fourth Wednesday throughout the year. Currently, this alternates between Zoom meetings and face to face meetings whilst we return to a new normal.


Our meeting location is at the BAWA Leisure Club, 589 Southmead Rd, Bristol BS34 7RG


Join the club

In 1921, Ray White invited 18 of his closest friends to start a magic club.

In that time, the Bristol Society of Magic has held

57 magic conventions, over 400 lectures and nearly 2100 meetings.


The club is now a well attended community for

magicians and entertainers of all ages

to socialise, learn and develop the craft. 

Do you have a passion for magic?

Do you want to learn and develop your craft? If so, come and join in with friendly, like minded people - Click here to contact the Society!


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