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How to join

The Society has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and likes to encourage and develop new members.

Membership is by an interview and informal performance. 

The information below will give you all the details about joining and who to contact.

What are the requirements to join The Society? 

You should be 16 or over and have a genuine interest and knowledge of magic, with some

experience of performing.

Membership is open to all levels, whether amateur, semi-professional of full time

professional magicians. 

If you meet these criteria, we would invite you to one of our meetings as a guest,

so you can see what the evenings are like and meet other members.

An application form should then be obtained from the Secretary, then

completed and signed by an existing member as your proposer.

The form should then be sent together with the appropriate fee to the Secretary.

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But I don’t know anyone...

If you do not know any members we can arrange for one to contact you to discuss your interest in magic, with a view to becoming your proposer for membership of The Society.


What next?

You will be invited to an interview with The Society’s Council members.

The interview will explore your interest in magic and you will be asked to demonstrate your magical ability with a short informal performance.

We expect new applicants to be able to demonstrate a competent level of performance 

and show a genuine and lasting interest in magic.

If successful, you will receive a letter of acceptance, normally within a week after the interview

What levels of membership are there?

Apart from honorary positions in The Society, the membership levels are:

Associate Member

New members of The Society are normally accepted as associate members at first, during which time they are not entitled to describe themselves as members of The Society in advertising,

stationery or by any other implication.

Associate member status is automatically reviewed after 6 months, with a view to promoting the candidate to full member.  Promotion to full membership may be dependant on a number of factors, including regular attendance, progress of skills and a performance at a meeting.

Full Member

If on joining, you are considered to have the ability or status of a practising magician, the Council may at their discretion admit you as a full member of The Society, without first being accepted

as an associate.

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What we ask of you! 

You should have a genuine interest in the art of magic and performing it to the best of your ability,

as well as protecting its secrets by not divulging them to non-magicians (laymen).


You will respect the interests of fellow members and will not copy their original material or performance without first gaining their permission.

You should attend meetings as regularly as you can and from time to time take your share in assisting in the running of events and help out in the clubroom.

Most of all, we ask that you strive to improve the performance of your magic and that you enjoy the facilities we offer and the company of fellow members.

How much does it cost?

The current annual subscription is £54.00 with a £15 joining fee for new members.

The subscription can be paid quaterly

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