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Whats On?

Below is a list of events currently scheduled for the Bristol Society of Magic. Events marked as OPEN allow non members to attend with an on the door fee. We look forward to seeing you in person or in an online meeting very soon! 


Club Calendar

Due to easing of restrictions, the club calendar has been planned until Christmas with a combination of face to face and virtual meetings. If you have any questions or suggestions for the club, do contact us here


The Council Entertains - The council members will be welcoming uyour retirn to the clubroom with an evening of magic presented by none other than... themselves! If anyone else has the urge to perform as well, theen they are very welcome as some Council members will have other committments. Bring something to perform!


John Bannon, Zoom Lecture - From the comfort of your own home, enjoy John Bannon's latest lecture. For anyone unfamilair with John's work, his first two books Impossibilia and Smoke and Mirrors from the early 90's are still fantastic books of magic. He has also created many great routines including play it straihgt triumph and Twisted Sisyers among many others!


David Jones - Lecture

Dave Jones, magician is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star with many years experience!

Thousands of events all over the UK, Europe and the USA have featured this versatile performer’s unique blend of baffling magic and sparkling comedy!


Ben Williams Lecture - Rescheduled from March 2020 just as COVID-19 Lockdown was announced. Known throughout the magic community for his contributions to the art with published effects and workable material. We are sure Ben will have many new effects to demonstrate and explain!


Ben Earl, Inside Out Lecture - RESCHEDULED TBA

"A brand new lecture exploring the construction and psychology of powerful card magic.

A different perspective on Triumph, a Sandwich routine for those who don’t like Sandwich routines, a Transposition unlike any other, and a devious verbal ploy designed to impact any effect.

Prepare to go deeper, recalibrate your current approach and work on effects from the inside out"


AGM, Zoom Meeting - The night where the Treasurer announces how much money we have spent, how much we have left. Officers and Council Members positions are up for election if you would like to stand. 


Open Mic / Test Flights - Members of the Society will be performing their own routines to test them and receive feedback. Bring a trick, or two!

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