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Whats On?

Below is a list of events currently scheduled for the Bristol Society of Magic. Events marked as OPEN allow non members to attend with an on the door fee. We look forward to seeing you in person or in an online meeting very soon! 


Club Calendar


Luke Jermay - Lecture: From the Shadows - Luke Jermay is best known for his mentalism, but this lecture is NOT about mentalism and not a single mind will be read! This lecture is a return to his roots with general magic. “Together we will explore some of my favourite original conjuring creations. Each effect is designed to be performed in real world close-up settings and no detail will be left out.”


Max Maven and his magic - Philip Goldstein legally changed his name to Max Maven and is ranked as one of the most influential mentalists of all time. Respected for being a prolific author and innovator of many magical and mentalist effects, Ethan King delves in to the Max Maven persona created by Phil Goldstein and his style of magic.


Close Up Competition - OPEN NIGHT - Open to all members the Close-up competition the first of our prestigious competitions is a great evening of entertainment for your friends and family to enjoy, and see who will be awarded the Bob Norman Close-up cup.


"It's not what you do, it's how you do it" - 

Magicians tend to present magic in much the same way, but this evening will

look at the different ways we don’t think about to make our magic unique.


Informal Magic and Drinks at the bar - There will be no formal meeting in December and instead it will be a ‘chill out and chat with magic’ session over drinks in the BAWA bar from 7.30 pm so bring some magic along to show and intrigue people with.


Magic Speed Dating - This was a very popular success last year that went down well. Bring a trick to show in a one-to-one situation and then circulate the room and show and enjoy what others perform.


Micro Lectures - Quick fire short talks on a variety of different subjects from our own members. If you would like to offer a short talk on something magical please contact David Hoare


Magic for all ages - Many bookings these days are for family audiences where the magic has to appeal to all ages from 8 to 80. Family magic specialist Ozzy Symons presents magic for family audiences and shows us the best way to entertain a mixed age audience.


Lecture - TBA


Putting an act together - Roger Bafico entertained audiences around the country with his award winning silent act as well as a patter act for many years and highlights the essential elements to consider in creating an entertaining act.


Stage Competition - OPEN NIGHT - Our second evening of magical entertainment for friends and family to attend which results in the winner of the Egyptian Plaque for the most entertaining act.


Lecture - TBC


Ask the experts - A panel of experts from the club will be assembled to answer your questions on a range of magical topics. Come prepared with your questions on everything from closer-up magic to the business side, marketing, etc. 


Lecture - TBC


Test Flights - A night specifically for you to road test your latest magic with written and spoken feedback if required from the audience. An ideal night to try out your latest tricks and ideas.


President's Night - OPEN NIGHT - Our President always has something up his sleeve (don’t we all!) for this night to mark the end of the season with some scintillating magic and entertainment.


AGM - We wrap up the season with our business meeting with reports from the society’s officers followed by elections and the opportunity to ask questions and have your say about the 2023/24 season.

What's on?
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