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Below is a list of events currently scheduled for the Bristol Society of Magic. Events marked as OPEN allow non members to attend with an on the door fee. We look forward to seeing you in person or in an online meeting very soon! 


Club Calendar


The Complete Cups and Balls hosted by Callum Weaver - Callum's expertise at the Cups and Balls has been demonstrated in the clubroom before and he shows how it relates to all skills in magic, sleight of hand, misdirection, routining, presentation and more...


The Collaboration hosted by Damian Surr - Come with your own experiences, leave with everyone else's. Damian is keeping the details of this meeting close to his chest, but he is making a bold promise. "If you engage with this meeting, I will guarantee that it will improve your magic"


Laura London - Lecture - One of the most in demand magicians in London, demonstrating excerpts of her show 'Cheat', as well as giving us a pre-glimpse of her Blackpool Magic Convention Lecture. 


Annual Close Up Competition, hosted by BSOM Pres. Steve Burley  - The Close Up Competition is always highly competitive and competed around several tables in the room. Bring Friends and Family to enjoy the entertainment


New Members Entertain hosted by Roger Bafico - "An opportunity for our new members to perform in the clubroom for the first time - Anyone who has joined in the last three years!


Oliver Tabor - Details tbc


TED Talks hosted by Callum Weaver - Members will deliver c. 10-minute talks on all things magical


Stage Competition hosted by BSOM Pres. Steve Burley - Bring friends and family to a night of Stage Magic as members compete for the Egyptian Plaque first prize award for the most entertaining act. 


Who do you think you are? Hosted by David Hoare (The Great Baldini) - How to find your 'on-stage' character is not an easy task, or just being clearer about who you are and how you come across when performing magic is the topic of this evening hosted by our larger than life character, The Great Baldini! 


Paul Megram Lecture, hosted by BSOM Pres. Steve Burley  - One of the best magicians in the UK


The President's Choice hosted by BSOM Pres. Steve Burley - Our president selects an evening of his personal favourite performances and magic for your enjoyment!


AGM - Check the accounts and elect the council 

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